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Leather Name TagsYour name and wing are stamped in either metallic GOLD or SILVER on smooth cowhide leather. BLACK and BROWN leather available.

The size of the tag is 2x4 inches (5x10 cm) and the name tag has a VELCRO® backing. VELCRO® is both glued and sewn to leather, Mil Spec.

Choose from over more than 50 WINGS and Insignia designs! Select a category below

Leather Name Tags

Easy VELCRO® Attachment: To attach pull the two VELCRO®-pieces apart. Sew VELCRO® half not attached to the tag to garment. Press tag to sewn on VELCRO®. This provides easy removal for transfer and garment cleaning.

PS: If you want additional soft-Velcro parts 2x4 inches (5x10 cm) please order them with you nametags.
The delivery time will be 4-6 weeks after receipt of your order and payment.


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