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Flight SuitsAdults Flightsuits: Ç 48.00
Intermediate-weight non- nomex and military-style flightsuits as issued to many flight crews and civil aviators all over the world.

Flightsuits are made from a 35/65 cotton/poly blend. This coverall gives you breathability and durability and is washable (no dry cleaning required)!

Kids/ Junior Flightsuits 36.00 A perfect complement to your child's active imagination!

We offer our top quality children's military-style flight suits in sage green and black. Both flight suits with the Velcro attach for the name patch. The sage green one has an extra three Velcro attachments for other patches. Just look in the unique FIS Aviation patch collection for some nice examples.

Flight Suitssizes are appr. age: XXS 2-3 years; XS 4 years; S 6 years; M 8 years; L 10 years; XL 10-11 years; XXL 12-14 years

Buy one size larger, as kids grow fast. You just roll up the sleeves & legs.!


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